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[highlight]DESIGN BUILD[/highlight] [highlight]

This approach is for those who don’t have prepared drawings for a project. Maybe you’ve got ideas and needs, but aren’t certain how to bring them into reality. Our team can guide you through the design process, helping with material specifications, as well as guidance on the detail, building and fabrication of your project.

How this process works.

First, we’ll meet with you in  the space that the piece will occupy so we can get a better sense of its purpose and style. We’ll discuss a budget and get a retainer (typically 10% of estimated project total). Then our team will collectively review the intent of the piece and create three or four concept drawings to review with you. We can present these to you at our shop or on site, whichever you prefer. Having this design consultation at the shop allows you to see the various woods, finishes and other materials that you can choose from, so we highly recommend this option.[/highlight]

At the end of this meeting, we should both have a pretty good understanding of the project parameters.

Our next steps, based on your response to the preliminary concepts and your material selections, is to devise a final plan and schedule a time to meet to finalize specifics. At this meeting, we’ll establish a formal contract, to which the retainer will be applied, and construction will proceed. But the beginning of construction doesn’t mean the plan is carved in stone. Customers are encouraged to visit the shop while the piece is being produced, just to make sure it’s proceeding as you expect.

Regarding production schedules, smaller pieces usually take between 8 and 12 weeks (after plan approval). Larger items are between 12 to 16 weeks.



Many of our trusted professional partners (architects, interior designers) come to us with drawings that are fully concepted, detailed and ready for pricing.

If this is what you need, we’re happy to help.

We’ll meet with you in the space. We’ll make sure we understand all the design details, material specifications and installation requirements. Then we’ll provide you with a written pricing proposal based upon the drawings you provided.

The relationships that we’ve built with talented architects and designers over the years are among our most valuable assets. We consider it a great honor to meet and collaborate with new design professionals. Because of talented people like you, Hylan has grown and thrived over the years into an award winning creative force.